Original Crottendorfer, as then and now with a subtle fragrance and smoke

Quality - Us an affair of the heart

The quality of our Incense Cones is our "labor of love" and is our top priority!
Various sizes are even still made by hand


The 1936 constantly growing experience and the sense of high quality raw materials are the basis for our products.

Are used natural and nature-identical fragrances such as resins, herbs, spices, woods, plant extracts, essential oils, fragrances for Allergy and native beech wood coal.

For example, we annually process approximately 1.4 tons of the best incense for our Incense Cones.

We do not produce stripped-down versions, such as using inferior raw materials, to then get a cheaper product.
No, here you get only quality and indeed the best at a fair price.

In addition to our experience and the carefully selected raw materials, we have our Incense Cones investigate and test of one of the largest German Institutes.
The result: "Incense Cones of the brand Crottendorfer are safe".

Only hand-picked Incense Cones left our house.
For this purpose, we test our daily Incense Cones to perfume and flammability, for this we use 5 different Smoking Figures.