Tips and FAQ

Which sizes are available in the incense?

Cleaning of incense burners

All incense burners (especially the Räucherkerzenhalter) should be cleaned regularly. By burning off the resin incense form view and fragrance deposits that burn the nächtsen times, smelling unpleasant and can smoke very strong.

Regularly clean your incense burners with hot water, soap and a brush.

Cleaning of Räuchersieben (incense burner)

Use the aluminum foil on the wire so as not to contaminate the sieve. They can therefore very easily from one Incense switch to the other without the strainer must be cleaned consuming. Should it be necessary to clean it, use a brush, soap and warm water.


Incense, incense sticks and incense may be used only on a fireproof surface and under supervision. Please note that all incense burners can be hot during use. Set the incense burners therefore always on a temperature-resistant surface.

Smoking Houses

The Smoking Houses are intended for use by smoldering Räucherkegeln. Place the lower part of the Räucherhäuschens on a fixed, non-combustible surface. The incense cones are placed in the center of the cottage / hanged and burnt at the top. Wait're the flame is extinguished and the incense cones only still smoldering. Set the smoke rises the upper part to the lower part, sodas both parts rasten.und each other from the chimney of the cottage. Do not leave the house while unattended, the incense cones're really goes out completely. Do not move the two parts with a burning taper. The cone may fall over and damage the house or set on fire. The cottage is not Spielzeugund should be operated without supervision by children.

Watch out!

All incense burners can become very hot depending on Räucherkegelgröße. Only place on a temperature-resistant surface. Depending on the size of Incense Use sufficiently large incense burners!